2018 Scholarship Recipient: Nicole Shen



Left to right: Roger Burns, Phil Burns, Helen Robson, Nicole Shen, Fiona Scurrah and John Lyttle.

We had a good turnout for the 2018 Honours Day at SJR this year. On Sept. 26, five of us were on hand to meet Nicole Shen, the recipient of the Gerald Robson Memorial Scholarship.

One aspect of the day that made it especially memorable was that Helen Robson, Gerald’s sister, was able to join us, having travelled to Winnipeg from her home in B.C. Many of us have not seen Helen face to face in decades, even if we have connected electronically more recently.

Another thing: Nicole played the piano when it was time for the students, staff and guests to sing O Canada. Those of us who remember Gerald will recall how he enjoyed the piano. In fact, a love of music is considered an asset when the scholarship recipient is being chosen.

During the lunch before the ceremony, the alumni and recipient sat together, talking and eating, as we typically do for these Honours Day events. The class of ’84 folks usually try to give the student a sense of why the scholarship exists in Gerald’s name. This year, in addition to chatting about Gerald and sharing memories, Helen provided Nicole with a page from the SJR Focus. Suzanne Tyson, another Class of ’84 grad and a close friend of Gerald, wrote about how happy she was in 2012 to see this scholarship get started. Giving Nicole that background to read was a great idea, one that we should duplicate in future years.

Here’s a link to that article in the SJR Focushttp://online.fliphtml5.com/juya/bulq/index.html#p=19

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Credit for top photo: SJR Photography

2014 Honours Day

We’re happy to announce that Grade 11 student Adrian Polimeni is the 2014 recipient of the Gerald Robson ’84 Memorial Scholarship.


Alexandra Lamont and Phil Burns (both from the class of ’84) made the presentation Sept. 17, 2014 at SJR’s Honours Day. A few more of Gerald’s old friends were also in attendance.


Left to right: Catherine Stewart, Alexandra Lamont, Ross Spagrud, Adrian Polimeni, John Lyttle, James Cohen and Phil Burns.

Photos:  SJR Photography


Sam Hughes (centre) with John Lyttle and Ross Spagrud at SJR Honours Day, Sept. 17, 2013.

The Class of ’84 was excited to see the Gerald Robson Memorial Scholarship presented to a student in 2013. Sam Hughes, a grade 12 student and Arts prefect at SJR, was the recipient. John Lyttle and Ross Spagrud made the presentation at Honours Day but we were lucky to have several alumni from Gerald’s year in the audience that day.


Shown here are: (back row, from left) Dr. Stephen Johnson, Brian Dressler, Sam Hughes, Duncan Young, John Lyttle, (front row, from left) Ross Spagrud, Catherine Stewart and Phil Burns.

Scholarship presentation

Remembering Gerald

In 1987, Gerald Robson passed away. Cancer took his life far too soon – just before his 20th birthday. Those of us who knew him remember a great guy who showed a lot of courage, good humour and optimism in spite of the struggle he faced. We want to keep the memory of Gerald alive.
Many of us first got to know Gerald as a student at St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, which he attended from grade 1 to grade 12, graduating in 1984. We remember a friend who was a lot of fun to be around, a guy with a great sense of humour and a passion for music – whether it was showing one of us how to bang out a Beatles chord progression on the piano, picking out a Pink Floyd tune on his guitar or spinning some obscure Spanish import of a Rolling Stones record on his stereo at home.
Decades later, we still remember Gerald and we want the memories of his great character to carry on. That is why we have decided to honour his memory with the Gerald Robson ’84 Memorial Fund.

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